Arianna (ariannnna) wrote in ross_atkinson,

So, I'm finally here at the Ross Atkinson community. I have so many wonderful stories about me and Ross, I don't even know where to begin. He's ALWAYS at Malvern, in the YB office with Iain and I. I've also been to a conference with Ross and I will be going to yearbook camp this summer with him as well. My most memorable Ross encounter was in my biology class. It was the class before the dissection, so everybody was at the back of the room so Ms. Blake could show us the tools etc... Who should walk in but ROSS ATKINSON! The second he walked in the class, everyone went silent. He started jabbering on about Ms. Koumarellas and then he saw me. He looked very relieved to see me, and we left together. It was touching.
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yearbook camp!
yearbook camp!

call me likerightnowok? ok.